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Custom app with NoCode capabilities

Angular + NodeJs + Google Cloud: The app is deployed to your GCP Project, you own and control all the data and infrastructure. No limitations of traditional NoCode solutions. Start with our NoCode builder and engage developers for more advanced custom functionality.

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NoCode Configuration

Configure menus, pages, fields, formulas, formatting, permissions, and much more with our NoCode Builder.

Complete Customization

Leverage full power of Angular and NodeJs for advanced customization.

Power of Google Cloud

Connect any services and solutions offered by Google Cloud.

Modern Architecture

Server-less, Micro-services, and event driven architecture. Automated scaling. Pay for what you use.

Own Your Code

You get your code on your infrastructure. Your apps are fully functional without our platform.


Connect to ZOHO or other services to bring data from multiple platforms together.

NoCode Config

Configure entities, fields, pages, and menus

Manage conditional formatting, grouping, and formulas

Apply changes instantly

Collaborate with your team

Easily define multiple environments

Complete Customization

You have access to the source code of your application. This allows you to add any customization that is not supported by our NoCode solution. Whether you need a complex logic, custom integration, or change to User Interface you can achieve this without any limitations.

Power of GCP

Modernize your infrastructure

Easy scalability

Integrate any GCP solutions

Pay for what you use

Cutting edge AI/ML

Analytics with BigQuery and Looker

We can help you with any GCP products

Modern Architecture

We focus on our clients' business requirements and rely on Google Cloud to manage infrastructure. We developed our solution relying on services managed entirely by GCP. Our server-less and micro-services based architecture is powered by Firebase, Cloud Functions, GCP Storage, BigQuery and other GCP services. Our approach is highly modular, scalable, and requires minimal maintenance.

Own Your Code

100% ownership of your custom code and business logic

Unlimited license to use all our pre-built components

Bring your own developers or work with our team

Your code is backed up to your GCP project


We can easily integrate with Zoho Services, quickly build custom integrations with any application that provides APIs, and integrate with legacy applications that have no APIs at all.
In addition, we can use GCP Cloud Workflows to handle complex workflows at scale.


Our base pricing is tied to Google Cloud costs, this creates a transparent model that depends on your application usage. You are paying only for what you use. Custom development and setup fees will be estimated after initial assessment of your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your platform different from other NoCode solutions?

Other NoCode platforms offer a robust NoCode builders and provide ability to use some custom code. But you are tied to their platform and if you have a requirement that is no supported, there is nothing you can do.
We do the opposite, we provide you with a complete source code of your application, and deploy it to Google Cloud Project you own. So you get a completely custom application. You can add any feature you need, even if it is not supported by our platform. In addition we offer a NoCode configuration tool that allows you to modify frequently changing elements of your application.

What can I build with your platform?

We found that our clients use our solution to build internal tools or to create client portals to expose data to customers.
If you have different workflows and business processes running in multiple spreadsheets, you can easily convert them to robust, easy to use, scalable, and well organized application.
Let's chat to determine how our platform can solve your challenges!

How many users can I have?

There are no user limits. We don't charge you based on number of users. Firebase can automatically scale to accommodate millions of users if necessary. GCP cost doesn't depend on the number of users, it depends on how actively your application is used. So you don't have to worry about your costs skyrocketing as the number of users increases.

What if I have Relational Data?

We found it to be quite convenient to manage simple relational structures in Firestore. However for a more complex relational data, we can connect directly to your SQL database.

Is your platform mobile friendly?

Our core web-app focuses on a grid-based UI and designed to handle data intensive records. It is not optimized for small screens but will work well on a tablet. However, we can connect a Flutter application to your project. This will provide you with a native Android and Apple applications, and allow to transfer the functionality that needs to be accessed on the go.

How secure is your solution?

Our solution is built using Managed GCP services. This means that we have no servers, no need for OS updates and patching. All of this is handled by Google. User authentication is also handled by Firebase, so we don't need to worry about password management. This architecture dramatically reduces any security risks. Our main responsibility is to manage Google cloud properly and ensure that the right people have the right permissions. This is joined responsibility, and we help our clients to set permissions properly.

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